Let’s face it...AGING happens to all of us and it happens little by little over time. Every day millions of your cells are attacked by “Free Radicals”. Over time, these “Free Radicals” cause cellular damage which results in pre-mature aging.
Resveratrol, Ellagic acid and Quercetin are just a few of the naturally occuring antioxidants that are known to help reduce the effects of cellular damage from the inside/out. Fortunately, Muscadine Grape Skins have an abundance of these antioxidants especially Resveratrol. The Muscadine Grape contains more Resveratrol than regular vinifera grapes (table & wine grapes)!

People of all ages are concerned that the lifestyle choices they make today can be like an explosion waiting to happen down the road. They are just waiting for bad health, aches & pains, cognitive decline and premature aging. Food additives, excessive sugar intake, sodium, lack of exercise etc…are just some of the things that health conscious people are concerned about each and every day.
Good to know that Catechins and Gallic Acid are just two powerful antioxidants found in the Muscadine Grape Seed. They can help your body to fight free radical damage, leading to healthier cells and more cellular energy!

Antioxidants are molecules that can help stop or slow cell damage caused by

“Free Radicals” the damaging process of oxidation (Oxidation is what happens

when a banana or cut apple turns brown and the process that rusts iron). Your body

uses antioxidants to stabilize the free radicals. This keeps them from causing

damage to other cells. Antioxidants can help by terminating the chain reaction

before vital cells are damaged. Antioxidants act like a little army in your body

to help fight those free radicals that we come in contact with every day!

Technically, Free Radicals are a group of atoms with unpaired electrons and

Antioxidants donate their electrons to help balance the atom to keep the cell

healthy. So basically, free radicals in the body are caused by things we come

in contact with every day like chemicals in personal care products, household

products, fragrances, food additives, smoke, exhaust and so on. We come in

contact with free radicals all the time. Free radicals can break down healthy

human cells and tissues in the process called oxidation. Free Radical damage

to the body can cause cellular damage resulting in premature aging inside and

out, inflammation, aches, lack of energy, focus, illnesses, wrinkles etc.

Since we can’t escape coming in contact with things that cause free radicals in our body...the answer is loading up with powerful Antioxidants! Antioxidants are known to help minimize the damage that free radicals can do to your body inside and out. They are also known to help support the immune system. Antioxidants act like a little army fighting those damaging free radicals. When free radicals are produced in the body, antioxidants step in and go to work to help reduce the damage caused by free radicals, then rid them from the body. 

As we start to age we usually experience lack of energy, more aches, pains and inflammation in general, wrinkles, thinning hair & nails, weaker immune system and allergies. Did you know that some of these issues might not be because we are getting older...but may be caused from free radicals? The supply of antioxidants in our body begins to drop as we age and we need powerful antioxidants (our little army) to fight those free radicals and keep our cells healthy. Good thing is...preventative wellness can start at any age and it's NEVER too late to simply start feeding your body what it needs.  Remember that a healthy, youthful looking glow on the outside...starts from the inside! 

Antioxidants are naturally found in many fruits and vegetables. By choosing to eat antioxidant rich are helping your body to fight the damaging free radicals. If you are not eating the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, make sure you help to fill in the nutritional gap with a Whole Food Muscadine Grape Seed & Skin Supplement.

About Muscadines

​​​​​Muscadine Vineyard is Certified by USDA GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)


Muscadines have never been genetically modified (Non-GMO)


NO Pesticides are used

Muscadines are Tested for Purity & Quality & Bottled in FDA inspected Facility with current GMP

Muscadines are Fresh Pressed immediately at Vineyard...Truly "From Vine To Bottle"

A Native American Grape grown in the Southeastern USA. Muscadine Grapes were thriving here when the first Europeans arrived and have been every since. Muscadines are scientifically known as Vitis Rotundifolia grapes, or technically, a Berry. They have an extra pair of chromosomes (20 pairs) compared to European and American Concord grapes (wine & table grapes) that have (19 pairs). Chromosomes contain genes and these extra Muscadine genes allow this powerful grape to develop a thicker skin to protect it against heat, UV radiation, fungi and even insects. The skin itself is very unique. If you see a Muscadine Grape with scars on the skin this could be where an insect or bird made a place and the Muscadine formed the scar/healed itself. Native Americans often used the Muscadines for Food and Medicine.

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​​​​​​​Do you eat enough Fruits & Veggies? 5-9 servings a day is what the USDA recommends. If you’re like the rest of probably don’t. “Whole Food” Supplements are a great way to fill in the gaps (Whole Food so your body will recognize it) plus you are getting a mixture of Phytonutrients like Resveratrol, Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals that's found in the fresh fruit. The natural phytochemicals found in Muscadine Grape Seeds & Skins naturally work together, synergistically giving you a broader spectrum of health benefits. Powerful because it’s made Simply from Muscadine Grape Seed & Skin for Holistic, Whole Superfruit benefits. Muscadines for our products are harvested Fresh every Fall at a family owned Vineyard right here in North Carolina.


Truly from “Vine to Bottle” freshness. Vine Life Muscadine Grapes are harvested fresh off the vines

and straight to the press. You’ll taste the difference!  750 ml = 25.4 oz Glass Bottles​​

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60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Every Fall the fresh harvest of Muscadines that we use in our products are tested for Purity & Quality.


We encourage you to take a look at all the great research that has been going on for years on Muscadine Grape Skins and Seeds.  You'll be amazed at the power of the mighty Muscadine!

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This Super Fruit is becoming well-known for it's health and wellness benefits across the globe.

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Now you have the Complete Spectrum of Antioxidants...
Resveratrol, Ellagic Acid, OPC’s, Quercetin Polyphenols

Just like Nature intended!